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Research, Development and Innovation 

One of the objectives of our consultancy is the permanent training of research and innovation. That is why we offer the most innovative and appropriate solutions to current needs, but also thinking about what our clients will have in the future.


Interfacial properties of industrial relevant fluids. Master's final project. 




Study of the solubility of CO2  in ethers, polyols and ketones.


February-July 2004.


Study of air monitoring after 9/11 attacks at the WTC.

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

February-July 2004.


Project for the construction of a plant to obtain penicillin-G.

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

September 2003-February 2004.


Calculation and design of the storm water drainage system of the deposit to control runes and other residues from the Papiol construction (quarry Santa Teresa nº 405).


July-October 2003.


Study for the monitoring and control of environmental contamination of a cement plant.

Rovira i Virgili University (URV)



Study for the construction of a plant for obtaining cumè, Tarragona. 

Rovira i Virgili University (URV)

September 2002-June 2003.




Interfacial properties of industrial relevant fluids. Final master's degree (TESINA) ICMAB-CSIC.

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) 2007-2008.


Molecular modeling of interfacial properties of industrial relevant fluids.

Autonomous University of Barcelona, BELLATERRA, 23rd July 2012.

In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY.

Under the supervision Prof. Dr. Lourdes F. Vega  and Dr. Felix Llovell  for the public defence by Oriol Vilaseca i Vidal._cc781905-5cde-3b-31 136bad5cf58d_


Understanding the Role of Intermolecular Forces in Molecular-Based Equations of State: 20 Years of the Soft-SAFT Equation. November 2017. 

F Llovell, FJ Blas, O Vilaseca, JAP Coutinho, Jordi Torné.


Modeling ionic liquids and the solubility of gases in them: recent advances and perspectives

Fluid Phase Equilibria 294 (1-2), 15-30.

LF Vega, O Vilaseca, F Llovell, JS Andreu.


Modeling complex associating mixtures with [Cn-mim][Tf2N] ionic liquids: Predictions from the soft-SAFT equation.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (15), 4387-4398.

F Llovell, E Valente, O Vilaseca, LF Vega.


Direct calculation of interfacial properties of fluids close to the critical region by a molecular-based equation of state.

Fluid Phase Equilibria 306(1), 4-14.

Or Vilaseca, LF Vega.


Thermodynamic modeling of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with the [PF6]− anion for separation purposes

Separation Science and Technology 47(2), 399-410.

F Llovell, O Vilaseca, LF Vega.


Phase equilibrium, surface tensions and heat capacities of hydrofluorocarbons and their mixtures including the critical region.

The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 55(2), 755-768.

O Vilaseca, F Llovell, J Yustos, RM Marcos, LF Vega.


Water+ 1-alkanol systems: Modeling the phase, interface and viscosity properties.

Fluid Phase Equilibria 360, 367-378.

F Llovell, O Vilaseca, N Jung, LF Vega.


Using Molecular Modeling Tools to Understand the Thermodynamic Behaviour of Ionic Liquids.

Ionic Liquids: Theory, Properties, New Approaches, 303-328.

LF Vega, O Vilaseca, E Valente, JS Andreu, F Llovell, RM Marcos


One of the challenges in these theoretical approaches is to make them as general as possible, reproducing several features of ionic liquids and, in particular, their…

LF Vega, F Llovell, MB Oliveira, O Vilaseca, RM Marcos.


Inhomogeneous density theories coupled into a molecular equation of state for the description of the fluid-fluid interface.

F Llovell, O Vilaseca, LF Vega.


Thermodynamic Study of Ionic Liquids and Their Mixtures for Separation and Extraction Processes Using the Soft-SAFT EoS.

E Valente, F Llovell, O Vilaseca, R Marcos, LF Vega.


Thermodynamic Modeling of the Solubility of Supercritical CO2 and Other Gases on Ionic Liquids with the soft-SAFT Equation of State.

F Llovell, M Belo, O Vilaseca, JAP Coutinho, LF Vega.


How Molecular Modeling Tools Can Help in Mitigating Climate Change.

Molecular Modeling and Simulations. 2021

LF Vega, WA Fouad, F Llovell, L Pereira, O Vilaseca 





Workshop on Electrostatic Effects in SoftMatter: Bringing Experiments, Theory and Simulation Together”. Member of the Organizing Committee. 

Oriol Vilaseca i Vidal.

SoftMatter 2008. MATGAS and ICMAB-CSIC. Bellaterra Campus (Barcelona). April 10th - 11st 2008.


Predicting the behaviour of Interfacial Properties of Binary Mixtures by a Molecular Modeling Approach. 

LF Vega, Andrés Mejía, Oriol Vilaseca. 

Invited lecture at the 17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties Boulder CO (USA). June 21st - 26th 2009.


Phase and interface behavior of pure compounds and binary mixtures with soft-SAFT coupled with Density Gradient Theory. 

Oriol Vilaseca, Rosa M. Marcos, and Lourdes F. Vega.

Panel. XVI Congress of Statistical Physics. Huelva, September 10th – 12th 2009.


Phase and interface behaviour of pure compounds and binary mixtures with soft-SAFT coupled with Density Gradient Theory. 

Oriol Vilaseca. 

II Conference of Young Researchers in Atomic and Molecular Physics. Barcelona, January 21st – 22nd 2010.


“20 years of the SAFT equation: recent advances and challenges”. Organizing Committee.

Oriol Vilaseca i Vidal. 

MATGAS, CSIC and the Imperial College (London), September 19th -21st 2010, Barcelona, Spain.


Critical, interfacial and surface properties of ionic liquids by a molecular-based equation of state FISES. Study of Interfacial Phenomena, Viscosity and Derivative Properties of Common.

Oriol Vilaseca i Vidal. 

Ionic Liquids with the soft-SAFT Equation of State. 12 AICHE Annual Meeting Pittsburgh, 2012, Philadelphia, USA.

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