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l Commitment to Quality and the Environment

The purpose of Vilaseca Consultors is to participate in the construction of positive and persistent changes in all parts of the world. We help our clients improve their activities with our technical and professional solutions in a personalized, safe and sustainable way through a strategic consultancy.

The vision of Vilaseca Consultors is to be able to be a benchmark company in areas of the future, such as sustainability, the circular economy, renewable energies and the modeling and design of processes and facilities to obtain new sources of green energy, such as green hydrogen or eco-fuels from biomass and waste.

We reflect our values in all our activities, globally.

They are an integral part of our business and help us stand out from our competitors. They are the foundation of our methods and business orientation. More than words, our values are:

We are PASSIONATE, we value DETERMINATION, we work in TEAM,

we make a DIFFERENCE, and we ENJOY our work.


Therefore, the management of Vilaseca Consultors has developed and implemented a management system that allows it to ensure the quality of its services and protect the environment. Consequently, Vilaseca Consultors acquires the following commitments with the company, its customers and its employees:


Fulfill the legal requirements and regulations applicable to their activities, as well as other voluntary commitments signed.


Fulfill the commitments made to our customers in a satisfactory manner.


Establish the necessary controls to ensure the quality of our services and minimize the impact on the environment of our activities.


Ensure the continuous improvement of the management system, setting concrete objectives to increase the quality of our services and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


Promote consultation and participation of workers in quality and environmental management.


Disseminate these commitments in the organization and involve staff in their achievement.


Establish a commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention and sustainable use of resources.

These commitments are articulated according to the principles and methods established by existing legislation and reference standards. They are specified in written programs and procedures that are ratified and encouraged by the Vilaseca Consultors Management.

Vilaseca Consultors is also committed to promoting and guaranteeing equal opportunities between men and women, non-discrimination in access to employment and the prevention, care and eradication of sexual and workplace harassment, always in defense of human rights.

This policy is known, communicated and understood by the staff, and is disseminated through the website of the organization, along with the different certificates, for all interested parties who want to know the policy and the scope of the system.

Although the responsibility belongs to Direcció de Vilaseca Consultors, this calls for the maximum collaboration of the workers, since, as better knowledgeable of their job, it is they who can best point out shortcomings and options for improvement in their roles and jobs.

Oriol Vilaseca y Vidal


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