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Catalonia residues cluster by 2023

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The agenda of the CLUSTER OF WASTE OF CATALONIA next 2023, was presented on January 18 at the facilities of CosmoCaixa Barcelona, and we had the opportunity to attend.

The Waste Cluster is a joint initiative of the WASTE AGENCY OF CATALONIA and ACCIÓ with the aim of bringing together companies and environmental agents across the sector’s value chain.

With this vision of the value chain, the waste sector of Catalonia is formed by 693 companies that invoice 10,000 million euros and bring together 41,000 workers. Currently, the waste cluster is in the process of creation and revitalization.

Over the coming months, progress will be made with the implementation of the action plan, led by a technical team, to end up forming a board of directors and incorporating a cluster manager.

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