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More than a project for green hydrogen

The following article published in La Vanguardia this past December 4, hand in hand with the contribution of our CEO Oriol Vilaseca, tells us of a market proposal and a future project, in which, the biorefineries of green and circular chemistry are the main protagonist.

La Vanguardia
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Thanks to the geostrategic potential of the Mediterranean conca and the Ebro corridor, the port of Barcelona is presented as a nerve point in the new European energy structure, as a hub for the production and distribution of green hydrogen, with a reduced cost compared to northern European countries.

That is why it requires the alignment of 4 factors so that this energy vector can not be just an initiative:

  • Large-scale deployment of renewable energy

  • Development and improvement of green hydrogen production technologies and their derivatives

  • Building efficient infrastructure for storage

  • The generation of a mature market that allows green hydrogen to be competitive with other less sustainable energy solutions and that do not allow the definitive break with dependence on fossil fuels of non-EU origin.

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